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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 14, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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"fox and friends" starts now. >> hi, everybody. welcome to studio b, the heart of rockefeller center. it is a beautiful day and flag day. >> of course, it is. here's good news. steve can talk and grieven's back. >> are you all better? >> i'm better. i took a pill and was fine by saturday. >> and you're well-rested? >> yes. a little late on the flight last night but fantastic time away with family. i was on the beach and all i could think about when i looked at the beautiful water is there oil coming to this area of our beautiful country as well. that's all i could think about. that's on the minds and hearts and souls of so many people. >> some of the developments on the b.p. disaster. prepares for a major speech. asking the networks for time and
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i assume he's getting it, 8:00 tomorrow night. >> that's right. the bad news for people along alabama, and remember, louisiana has a long coastline with the gulf. alabama is relatively short, however, oil has been sighted there and it's bad in some spots. also, finally, what the heck took so long! b.p. has deployed undersea sensors that will let us know exactly how much oil is spilling into the gulf. keep in mind, b.p.'s got a lot at stake here because every gallon that goes into the water they've gotta pay the government a big fee. so if they downplay it, they have to pay less. >> you gotta wonder how long b.p. has cash to continue paying that out or will they file for bankruptcy. kellie wright joining us live with more on the president's trip today. good morning to you, kellie? >> gretchen, good morning to you as well as steve and brian. president obama will travel to the gulf to spend two days there when he returns to washington he will -- has plans rather to
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deliver his first ever address from the oval office on tuesday. but he will make three stops, mississippi, alabama and florida. he will get an up-close look at the relief operations there even before he arrives in the region today he has already sent a massage to an alal newspaper which he rates we must not stop people affected by the spill from getting the help they deserve. b.p. is planning to take a new approach to capturing new oil in the gulf region. oil company b.p. has just released a new plan to capture more oil. obama is demanding they have an independent account for reserves to pay current and future claims filed by those hurt by the ongoing oil spill. david axelrod, the top political adviser, previewed the president's speech. >> we have some clarity now about the oil that's escaping and about how we're gonna
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approach it and about what this means for those communities. we wanna talk about that and the steps we're gonna take to deal with it. >> as i mentioned, he's going to deliver a speech on tuesday as brian talked to you about the speech at the top of the hour. he said it would happen at 8 p.m.. that is what we're going by. when the president delivers his speech to the nation, florida governor charlie crisp is he is plaining what he would like to hear from the president now and why another trip is productive. >> whenever the president of the united states comes into an affected area, questions get answered more quickly, assets get deployed more rapidly and there is a greater focus and attention where it needs to be right now and that's the gulf states. >> so here's what the white house aides are saying about the president's speech when he uses his address to the nation to lay out the steps he's going to take tomorrow and moving forward to get through this crisis. he's calling it an assault on our shores. the president will talk about regulatory reform, especially in
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the middle management service, the time line and long-term recovery plans for the gulf region as well as its economy. back to you guys. >> kelly wright, thank you very much. in a blockbuster interview that the president did over the weekend and come out the last 12 to 18 hours, he kind of tipped his hand a little i think about what he's gonna say in that oval office speech. he's compared the oil spill to 9/11 saying in the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, i think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come. the fact that he has compared it to september 11th has infuriated a number of 9/11 families. >> he has to make it a big deal because what he has to do now is turn it around in something that will be advantageous for his administration, right? i mean, he has to now -- we've seen shades of this but look for a big push about cap and trade
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now and energy policy in general. because this is after it's happened. now the president has to make something big happen as a result after that to turn it around. his direct quote was one of the biggest leadership challenges for me going forward is the mixture that we draw the right lesson from this disaster. >> from there he took that momentum and went to the golf course, air force base and grabbed the transportation secretary and went golfing. i personally have a problem with this. everybody no matter how powerful you are and how much pressure on your shoulders whether ceo running the country, you need to unwind but can you chat with people who can help us. by the way, anything to plug the leak. he takes the transportation secretary which is good, the one republican. but i'd like to see the guy out there that can actually help him. >> are you calling some of his skills on the course the jump shot? >> i'm calling my game the jump
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shot. this is file video by the way. >> i would have like to have seen him gone to church yesterday. i don't know. it was sunday and it might be good to ask for a little divine intervention how the heck we're going to fix this whole leak. can you imagine on your back swing. if you're the president, how to plug the hole. i'm with brian. you need to let down your hair, i'm just not so sure the public perception of here we go again, perception to the rest of the world, what does it say? >> what about just the time clock. if you look at the amount of time he has spent on the golf course versus the time he's spent down in the gulf, he's spent more time at golf than the gulf. >> good point. let's talk about what the world offered us. netherland great at this stuff, offered within days of this major disaster in the gulf, said we're gonna help you. didn't get much of a response. now we find out according to the london times britain immediately
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called and said, hey, we can help you with dispersants. we have 1200 tons stockpile of chemical dispersants that will work on this. you know what the answer was? nothing. they went through diplomatic channels and evidently they didn't have the right paperwork or environmental standards. not saying it wasn't up to snuff, they're saying that they didn't have the paperwork done therefore the offer was turned down. >> which is so crazy because when you look first of all at the offer from the netherlands for the skimmers and those things can handle something like 20,000 tons a day or something like that. and now we've got the skimming equipment, some of the equipment from the dutch placed on u.s. ships now because that jones act thing. so had we actually -- had the president lifted the jones act as president bush did during "katrina," we could have had those ships in there for a month cleaning up that goo. you gotta figure a lot of the
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stuff on the beach would not be there had they done that. >> a few hours from now crews are going to search now, moving on to another story, for that one person still missing following the deadly flash flooded campground in arkansas. joining us with the latest from langly arkansas is elizabeth clan. good morning to you, elizabeth. >> good morning. leaving just as the sun comes up searching for that last victim they definitively know was in the campground when the water hit. we learned the 19 victim had been recovered half a mile downriver from the campground. that body was found in a pile of debris. debris up to 30 feet high. bringing in several pieces of machinery to go along with people pulling out cars and rv's as well as people going via horseback and starting to search rivers with divers on it now that the water is clearing up. 18 victims have been identified, some from louisiana, also from texas. they were visiting families. a lot of them having the same
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last name. one woman from arkansas, seven of those victims we know under the age of ten. now, family seeking refuge, they've been in a nearby church about five miles from here, were in between that church and the campground. we saw them yesterday in a motorcade heading down to the campground for the first time. they were picking up some of the memorabilia from their family members, really humanizing the devastation when you see these families pick up blankets and also children's belongings. gretchen. >> elizabeth, thanks for that update. the rest of your headlines, we start with the fox news alert. new video in of massive riots in the central asian country of kirk stand. >> that's what i thought. 117 people have been killed. the death toll as high as 200. the rioting between kyrgyzstand natives.
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there may be 100,000 trying to cross back. a hearing for dr. conrad murphy charged with involuntary manslaughter in michael jackson's death. murphy has pleaded not guilty and jackson's father now blaming mike's death on his mother. joe jackson says katherine resisted his pleas to sends michael to rehab. the disappearance of seven-year-old chiron horman now considered a criminal case but not saying why. he disappeared near his school at portland, oregon. $20,000 reward offering information leading to the boy. country sinker and sausage king jimmy dean has died >> got in a fight or a cajun queen. a louisiana fella from the
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promise land, big john. >> his biggest hit, big bad john back in 1961. tate dean started the jimmy dean meat company. he later sold the company to sarah lee. jimmy dean died in his home in virginia. he was 81 years old. those are your headlines. >> what's afghanistan good at other than providing essentially the ground for the war? >> i am not really sure and i couldn't believe this story because it seems as though they have a tremendous amount of natural resources in terms of iron, lithium. name a mineral they have. i thought could this be true? the answer is yes. guess who you have to thank for? the soviets. when they were there in the '80s. >> all these mineral resources are untapped. david portrays that used to be in charge of our force there is
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say it could be worth as much as $1 trillion. so now, imagine this, you have this country that is in the middle of a huge war, but there's money to be found there. so who is going to now suddenly want to take over afghanistan? what about the taliban? what about china? >> sure. because china is not too far away and it's a great big country that it needs a whole bunch of stuff. so this discovery, apparently not long ago the pentagon sent over a team of experts and geologists and realized there's at least a trillion dollars of stuff including copper, cobottle, lithium. lithium is what you use for batteries. currently the number one producer is bolivia and apparently this country's got more of that than bolivia and something i'm unfamiliar but called nobatonobiu for producing
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heat conducting steel. what they have in afghanistan could make people there money rather than having to be in the poppy fields making heroin and stuff like that. >> they could be transformed into the mining center of the world. >> amazing! >> there you go. >> now they can pay for the war perhaps. 13 minutes after the hour. do you know the bulk of soldiers relinquished their birth right for one ice cold beer? some life lessons from a father who followed his son into battle in afghanistan. >> and titan's quarterback young in trouble and it was all caught on camera. the universe is changing captain too bad these cheap props aren't but la quinta is! la quinta inns and suites? yeah, buddy
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all right. when the son of our next guest was deployed in afghanistan, he decided that he couldn't just send his son to a man's job so he followed him to the battlefield. when he got home eight months later, he found he was woefully out of touch what was going on around him but that the lessons learned in afghanistan couldn't be taught anywhere else on earth. major j. mark jackson returning from afghanistan where his son was there first. thanks for getting up, thanks for your service. >> thank you very much. >> you're 48, work at cooper tires, how did you end up in afghanistan. >> i think you pretty well summed it. my son, he went overseas and i decided i couldn't send him to do what i would not do myself. i spend six and a half years as an active duty officer early in the '80s and i had a really good experience in u.s. army war college at a course about two years earlier. i decided, you know, i still have something to offer. >> and you obviously did and
6:18 am
offered a lot. some lessons that you have picked up over there you wanna share. what, for example, about megan fox is important to know? (laughter) >> well, when i got to afghanistan, i gotta tell ya, i didn't even know who megan fox was but the soldiers let me know very quickly. megan fox is kind of their idol. >> okay. the bulk of soldiers that relinquished their birth right for what? >> one ice cold beer. >> okay. when heated -- go ahead. >> i was gonna say on the beer, there's a no alcohol policy in theater and that's as it should be. so these guys have not had a beer for weeks and months. yes, they would relinquish quite a lot for a cold beer. >> and mre would be good with what ingredient in it? >> tabasco. >> and any amount. and the soldiers get sick on what type of food, american or
6:19 am
afghan food? >> american food. >> these are some of the universal things you've came up with and you say soldiers still squawk like pigeon when is the mail arrives. if you want to get a soldier's attention, write him or her. thank you for your service and what your family has done. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> straight ahead, president obama asking for another stimulus. he asks for $50 billion more we don't have. what happened to the last bulk of money. did it work? harry reid, jared angle sitting down for her first interview since winning her primary here on "fox and friends." ♪
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♪ 23 minutes past the hour. a couple quick headlines.
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check this out. just released, van der sloot's mug shot taken before he was sent to prison in lima. a new report that says while in custody in chile, he told police a robber beat 21-year-old stephanie flores to death in their hotel room. a pilot strike. leaving thousands of passengers stranded. >> president obama asking congress for another $50 billion. go'd had and print it. to stimulate the economy and help public workers keep their jobs however they haven't even used all the money from the first stimulus bailout. >> i personally believe this we have dollars not yet expended in the recovery act we can apply for this immediate need and then look to later exspend churs in the long-term for investments. i think we ought to do that. we can't stimulate and depress at the same time.
6:24 am
>> the american people are screaming at the top of their lungs: stop! and to move this without finding other offsets on spending i think is irresponsible. >> okay. vera lee is the policy director of the aflcio and avella is the executive director of go on pack. they both join us from our nation's capital. good morning from both of you. >> thea, i understand you say we need another stimulus because the first one was so effective. >> that's right. the first one did exactly what it was supposed to do. it created more than 2 million jobs but it simply wasn't big enough considering how deep a hole we were in and we're still in. this economy is very weak. the private sector isn't spending. there's no inflation pressure. we absolutely need more stimulus. we need it on the order of several hundred billion dollars. >> do you agree with her? >> absolutely not. the latest job numbers would prove not. 41,000 private sector jobs is
6:25 am
almost zero jobs in this economy. employees and employers aren't going to spend money when they don't know what kind of tax burden is going to be put on them from a government that spends and spends. >> what about, look, we had an $800 billion stimulus last time. only about half of it's been spent. if the president needs that money to prop up these public sector jobs, a lot of union jobs, take it out of the first stimulus, don't ask for more. >> the first stimulus is being spent and should be spent -- >> but only about half of had has been spent so far. >> we need all of that and we need some more. unfortunately as david remembers, we were losing $700,000 jobs a month when president obama came into office. it's gonna take more than a year and a half to fix eight years of mismanagement from the george w. bush administration. >> oh, okay. thea, when does the statute of limitations run out on george bush? >> not yet apparently because he left us a trillion dollar
6:26 am
deficit and enormous recession, the biggest in our lifetime. he had zero job creation during his whole eight years in office. i think he's got a little ways to go. >> david, when you look at the amount of money that has been spent so far, just on, and the first quarter of this year, about 680,000 jobs have been saved or created. 500,000 are teachers jobs, jobs in the department of education. so really this is a bailout for union workers or for the nea, sciu and those affiliated municipal workers as well. isn't that the truth? >> well, if we want to create private sector jobs in america and even the blue collar jobs that afl-cio represents on some level, we need to do things which historically work. tax cuts and balancing budgets. and this administration, this congress are spending with reckless abandon. they ought to look at legislation by congressman jim
6:27 am
jordan called the economic freedom act which would eliminate tarp, end further stimuluses, and it would cut payroll taxes so that employees and employers would have more money in their pockets so they could go out and create jobs and stimulate the economy and look at other tax cuts that will help give people more money. >> well, the problem for the president right now is the fact that midterms are looming and there are a number of democrats reluctant to vote for more spending since the first one didn't work so well. spirited debate. thank you for joining us live today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> brian and gretchen, i center you're in the green room. >> we have been really preparing for this next interview because it's an exclusive one. this woman grabbing headlines trying to take down harry reid. sharon angle joyce us live with her first television interview since winning the primary. >> vince young in big trouble this morning. he was involved in a wild brawl
6:28 am
all caused on camera. the video might help him in the long run but first -- >> happy birthday! ? >> donald trump. >> we graduated high school together. he turns 64 today. >> brian, you're fired. ♪ money, money, money. ♪ money, money, money, money. ♪ money. ies,
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day 56. president obama heads to the gulf in just a couple hours. the trip comes as the coast guard demands b.p. speed up containment efforts. oil is now washing up on the shores of al alabama unfortunately. the very latest. >> good morning, steve. about 40,000 barrels of oil a day estimated coming up from that gushing well every day now. here in pensacola beach, b.p. says -- and the coast guard say they've hired about 6,000 workers who handle cleanup efforts along florida, mississippi and alabama. volunteers vacationing here in pensacola are volunteering to go along and pick up tar balls that wash ashore here last week. we walked along this beach, had to look hard to find any of those. in this section right here we didn't find any of those tar balls.
6:33 am
west of here at the beach large clumps of oil just right off the shore, several washing ashore. beginning today just off the coast here at pensacola beach, florida, waters are temporarily closing to fish, shrimp and crab. also just east of here in panama city, we had that huge 5,000 pound oil tank that was believed to be part of the deep water horizon rig washed ashore. certainly a surprise for them. it did have oil and it was leaking. crews are continually laying out that shoreline boom. that is helping protect the shoreline, keeping the oil from coming ashore in many places but it's not stopping the leak, steve, and that's the issue here. until they stop that leak, that oil will continue to gush. and keep in mind here for just this 200 mile stretch of beach in florida, they generate about $6 billion annually of tourism dollars. tourism is down. and until they get that leak capped, the tourism will continue to be down and
6:34 am
if -- they're saying it's mid-august before that happens, most of that tourist dollars are generated between memorial day and labor day. not the forecast they wanna hear here. >> thank you, sir. a live report. >> other headlines on a monday. we start with the "fox news" alert. parliament meeting for the first time since elections were held three months ago but an agreement on a new government and president could be months away. the meeting comes a day after serious violence rocked baghdad, a storm that rocked central bank during an apparent robbery attempt. 26 people died. the insurgents are trying to take advantage now of the political deadlock in that country. >> the teenager plucked from her disageed boat now on a french shipping vessel headed for dry land. she thought she'd be adrift for weeks and controversy brewing over her voyage to begin with. the family's former photographer speaking exclusively to the
6:35 am
great geraldo rivera. >> it seemed like she was rushed out like they had a sponsor deadline and they needed to get her out by that sponsor deadline. >> the "new york post" reporting after abby set sail her father signed a contract to do reality tv show, adventures in sunderland, based on the family's daredevil exploits. >> the obama administration will announce today most government benefit payments will be made by direct deposit. the change will eliminate about 136 million paper checks sent by the security administration, department of veterans affairs, the railroad retirement board and the office of personal management by 2013. all those paper checks gone. the move to expect to cut $38 million in postage cost alone. >> mother theresa is going to be honored by a new york building after all. are you kidding me! all right! thank goodness!
6:36 am
but not by the empire state building. i thought they turned it around. the 13 story hutchinson metro center -- not sure what that was supposed to be -- metro center, blue and white, the color of mother theresa's order. the owners of the empire state building snubbed mother theresa. sports action. >> spectacular game, lakers and celtics down to the best of three, tide at two games apiece in boston. guess who is getting away with one win in the next two games. let's go to boston. kobe bryant is really good and he was sensational, 38 points in the night but basically alone. he was making the clutch play after clutch bay but no support. know why? because he was answered by 27 points by the celtics' captain paul pierce.
6:37 am
celtics ice it 92-86. they can wrap it up in l.a. watch this video. vince young getting into a fight at a dallas strip club. why are you there? police say young set off the brawl after another man in the club made a derogatory gesture about the university of texas where he went to school. no one hurt. young faces a $500 fine. the titans will gather move information before deciding on punishment for young. soccer may not be hearing this sound anymore at the world cup (air horn) >> thank goodness. it's destroying the whole tournament. banning horns. danny jordan says he's ready to react to complaints by tv viewers. makes you wonder if there's a train coming. meanwhile it's just a game. and why are you blowing it constantly. loses its effectiveness. folks, it's that time of year
6:38 am
where we thank you for making us the number one news channel in all the world. joining us for our fifth annual. can't wait. fox fan night june 25th. e-mail us at with your full name, phone number and chance to win two tickets to the fox party next baseball game and you get to meet us, which is a delight. and that's it! >> a big night at mets. >> yeah. >> a "fox and friends" exclusive. her first tv interview since her primary victory where she was backed by the tea party, sarah angle. joins us on the latest on her race against senator jordan leader harry reid. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. >> must be such an experience for you, somebody who had not been in politics before and suddenly you are running against one of the most powerful politicians in the united states. >> i really have been in politics for about the last 12 years. i started out on the school board and then i served four
6:39 am
terms in our nevada state legislature so it's not really the first time that i've ever been here. but this has become a national race. and that's why i've been appealing to the whole nation. harry reid says he needs $25 million. i need a million people with $25 and they can send that to >> no doubt about it, not many people had you winning this race. you came from nowhere to do it. what do you think the people of nevada said to you? >> about winning? >> yes. what was your election meaning? what were the people of nevada, what message should they be taking for giving you the nomination? >> well, the real message is that the problem is harry reid and he's a let's make a deal guy. they don't trust him no matter what he does with the radical play book. he's going to try to marginalize me. but really the problem is harry reid. he's had 24 years to do something for americans, and he
6:40 am
hasn't done it. in fact, he has pretty much water-boarded our economy for the last year and a half with the high employment. we have 14% unemployment. we have the highest rate of foreclosures and also the highest bankruptcy rate. so harry reid is truly failed and we're saying harry reid, you're fired. >> there you go. >> you got the backing of two important entities. former governor sarah palin gave you a nod, endorsed you. but, also, the tea party did in a very, very large way. you know, there are a lot of people in the mainstream media trying to marginalize the tea party. they shouldn't, should they? >> well, i don't think so. i think really we're the mainstream in america. what has happened is we've seen the silent majority that's refusing to be silent any longer. and when i've been to the tea parties, what i have seen is grandmothers and grandfathers, parents and children. what they're doing is saying harry reid, you don't care about
6:41 am
us. if you did, we wouldn't have to worry about our jobs and our homes. and that's really what's going on in nevada. it's all about do i have a job and can i stay in my home? as far as groups endorsing me, we've got over 45 of those endorsements, nevada home school network, nevada concerned citizens. lots and lots of folks and it's really mainstream america who is saying we're tired of harry reid and his cronies and his corruption. >> do you make anything, sharon, of the fact so many conservative women seem to be front and center on primary day last week? >> marsha blackburn called me the other day and she said, you know, it's time for great new gal to take on the good ole boys. i think she's right! >> now you have, according to the policy average, you have about a 3 point lead on harry reid before this thing -- and also rasmussen has you up 11.
6:42 am
are you concerned about senator harry reid's money and experience and then down the stretch? >> of course, you can't take anything for granted with harry reid and the machinery that he has. he called himself the obama whisperer. >> he wanted you as an opponent. >> he said that and i'm glad he said that. it was very helpful. >> before you go, sharon, perhaps it's mischaracterization but some said you are out to get rid of social security. that's not true, right? >> that's nonsense. i always said we need to make a lock box. put the money in there for our senior citizens. they came here in good faith paying into a system that harry reid has put an iou in for 24 years. he has been raiding social security. and what we need to do is personalize social security and medicare so the government can no longer raid it. >> sharon, we did invite harry
6:43 am
reid to sit on the couch not only just with you but just anytime. he declined our offer. >> i'd like to say to harry reid. harry reid, will you come on "fox and friends" and debate with me. >> great! >> who can turn down that offer. amazing campaign. we'll continue to follow it. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up straight ahead. >> this video, guns and roses rocker slash takes a serious hit on stage. who is that guy? we'll let you know. >> does his hat have a chin strap? last night in new york city scarlet johansson taking home some good. she got caught up with the big winners. joins us live. >> our quote of the day h1-n1 who said it?
6:44 am
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♪ well, it was an '80s comeback. a remake of the karate kid and taking in $56 million. coming in second, the remake of the a-team. coming in like a lunatic, some random fan tackled guns and roses slash on a stage in milan. he was in the middle of his guitar solo for a sweet child of mine. slash didn't miss a beat even though he went down. >> this 56th annual tony awards at radio city music hall and more star-studded than ever.
6:48 am
good morning. >> happy monday, everybody! let's get right to the winner. best play went to red which won six tony's total. and this year's best musical is memphis winning four tony's and then came hollywood. you would have thought it was the oscars. scarlet johansson won in the play a view from the bridge. katherine zeta-jones took best actress in a musical called a little night music. leading actor in the play census. >> i knew i should have written something down. dog it. my mother always said man gets the award, god gets the reward. i guess i got both. >> what am i doing in this dress, running downstairs in glass slippers. i really do feel like cinderella. being welcomed into this
6:49 am
community has been an absolutely dream come true for me. ever since i was a little girl i wanted to be on broadway. and here i am. unbelievable! thank you so much. (applause) >> scar lot johansson looked so beautiful. there were so many celebrities there. that's the big question. will all these big names help the tony's ratings and bring more attention to the broadway. i asked the stars on the rainy red carpet. >> i think it's awesome. and i'm still really privileged and proud to be a part of the seas. >> it's wonderful that actor who is can act and have become stars are not kept out of here because they're not artists. it regenerates when people see people known as big movie stars actually also love the theater. >> anything that brings people to come see theater i think is great. >> i've been a very happy actor in every medium.
6:50 am
this is maybe the biggest high you can experience. >> i like to see people make the transition to stage. because often i think it helps in -- it does help improve their craft. >> come to broadway seeing something not established in the theater and have to learn -- have to do it on stage inned toughest arena around, yeah, i think they deserve tonight. >> broadway's had an incredible year this year and i don't think that's necessarily only due to the fact that there have been some recognizable faces but just it's been -- there's been some unbelievable shows this year. >> interesting to see how the ratings were and then hopefully if you guys come to the big apple you'll have a better idea what to see on broadway this year. >> it's so fascinating to see how these big stars are coming to broadway. a great thing for new york. >> and winning. >> yeah. thanks very much. flag day. did you know the first flag didn't debut on july 4th? all right!
6:51 am
the answer to that and much more comin' up next.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> the answer to the quote of the day is jessica beal. and the winner is not. you came in third. mary in maryland does in fact win it. congratulations. the top of the hour and segment you cannot miss. today is flag day. how much do you really know about our nation's most patriotic symbol? >> i don't know as much as jeff ridgeman. he's an expert and largest dealer in antique american flags in the country. he's brought along amazing examples of his collection. he's from down in pennsylvania. good morning, jeff. >> good morning, thank you. >> let's start with lincoln and jefferson. >> and johnson. >> sorry. >> many people don't know in the 19th century there was no
6:55 am
official star pattern to the american flag. >> i cannot believe it. >> you could do whatever you wish. any kind of whimsical design. a star in each corner. more importantly it was made for the 1864 campaign of abraham lincoln and andrew johnson. it is in fact the largest flag known from that. >> let's go to another flag, the u.s.a. this flag here. >> this is much more rare. here you can see the stars actually spell the word free. this is extraordinarily rare, but much better than that, this is the only known flag in existence as far as i'm aware that abraham lincoln actually signed. >> my goodness. how much is that worth? >> it has no parallel in my world. so really hard -- >> just give it to me. (laughter) >> that will be good. since he won't accept any money. >> grab that flag behind you. >> this is another one. there's only really four styles known currently where the stars actually spell something.
6:56 am
this is another one where they actually spell u.s.a. this was done in 1916. so its much later after we had an official pattern. but there were no flag police. (laughter) >> up against the wall we've got the biggest of all the flags. what is nysm 64 ucs for? >> it's the presentation 64th new york state militia company c. here you can see the stars are arranged in a big star pattern. >> that is so cool. >> the betsy ross story is? >> a mess. >> what do you mean! >> it was fabricated really by her decedents, her grandson, her granddaughter and -- >> trying to get her on tv. >> yeah, yeah. it was popular. >> thank you so much. >> good job! thank you very much. >> folks, if you've got some time, put your flag up today. >> you better. >> we've seen the designs for the freedom tower but what's going on behind the scenes. it's startling. peter johnson jr. with the
6:57 am
financial bitters. >> president obama set to address the nation tomorrow night about the oil spill. what should he say? talking about that next. for the hi-speed internet. ♪ [ female announcer ] free hot breakfast. big comfyeds. free high-speed internet. quality hotels. a lot. for a little. quality hotels. our pharmacists combine are expert knowledge and personal attention. no wonder jd power and associates ranked health mart highest in customer satisfaction. see if you live in a health mart town at ♪ ♪ ay, yay, yay, yay ♪ ay, yay, yay, yay ♪ ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby, baby... uh-oh ♪ ♪
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easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. ♪ good monday morning, everyone. it's june 14th, 2010. thanks for sharing your time with us this morning. president obama says he's taking the oil disaster seriously. he's heading back to the gulf today and preparing a prime time speech. but first he goes to the other kind of golfing with the "o." golfing on the course again. is that sending the right message? we'll ask press secretary dana perino. >> "the new york times" normally lavishing praise on president obama but now the paper calling him out for that oil spill. is the president losing his biggest supporters? >> the old gray lady? goodness. the tony looks more like the oscars last night across the street from where we're sitting right now so what does kiss citizen think about that? eye movie tar and one of broadway's biggest stars and
7:01 am
here live this hour. "fox and friends" for a monday starts right now! >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a fantastic weekend and all of us back on the curvy couch. >> great to be on flag day. >> on flag day! as we saw some beautiful examples of history with flags. kick off a couple headlines. about an hour search crews are going to start looking for that one person still missing in the arkansas campground flood. 19 people have now been confirmed dead. the dense woods have piled the wreckage making the search extremely tough. this volunteer describes some of the things that she found. >> pieces of clothing. tables, pieces of cabins in the tops of trees. 20 foot high. i mean, it's amazing the size of the trees. >> coming up next hour, we will go live to the scene as the search gets underway. "fox news" alert for you right now.
7:02 am
ethnic violence is spiralling out of control in the central asian country of kyrgyzstan. the ethnic rioting between natives and others fleeing to the border and may be 100,000 trying to cross back. joran van der sloot charged with the murder of stephanie flores. but a new report claims while in custody in chile, van der sloot initially told police it wasn't him, it was a robber who beat flores to death. he also allegedly told agents that the day before the two had been extorted by apparent police officers who demanded $4,000 and a wristwatch be brought to them in thailand. they're back! michelle and tarik salahi best known for crashing president obama's state dinner hosted
7:03 am
their own party miles from the white house at the polo cup. proof to show it was official. proceeds would go to the u.s. polo league. >> i wish we could have snuck into that. that would have been fantastic. it's monday. dana's watched all the sunday shows, taking in all the breaking news and has some interesting analysis. anything like your past appearances, dana? >> thank you, good morning. good to see you guys. >> good to have you. i know you're tube-side tomorrow night because the president of the united states is going to the oval office for an address to the nation. this is big. he knows he's in trouble in the polls and stuff. what does he have to say? because people are really frustrated? >> one of the things i was thinking about is how every president is always told this is going to be the biggest speech of your career or your presidency. but in this case i actually think that's true. it takes a lot of guts to try to describe this as your finest hour when it has been a colossal
7:04 am
disaster. >> sure. >> so he knows he's got a lot to do. what i think is important is tomorrow night they scrub that speech for any hint of blaming other people or the condes section that has run through the commentaries so far. what i think people are going to want to hear is some action. for example, here are the three things we're going to get done by june 30th or something like that and then to follow through and beat expectations. >> isn't it leaking to the press he's going to demand b.p. set up this sort of separate entity or independent panel to handle all the claims that are coming in? i was seeing the staggering numbers i don't remember them off the top of my head but i think so far maybe 56,000 claims already have come in and it's just too big for b.p. to do on its own. >> and probably may be more. i think that one of the things that could have actually prevented a situation like this is had president obama been willing to meet with the people who had caused the spill in the
7:05 am
first place instead of waiting until after his big oval office speech and to meet with them next wednesday. and i think the only reason they're actually meeting with them is they got pushed back last week when we found much to our surprise he never talked to them in the first place. >> you said blaming a second ago, dana. let's see if any blaming was caught on tape or other members of his party. >> psychology of negligent in terms of regulatory oversight that was pursued in the bush administration, the banking failure, insurance prices going way up and oil companies thinking they could do whatever they wanted because the drill, baby, drill crowd, all they wanted him to do was to drill. >> what point do you think the public says, you know what, yes, we are unhappy with the bush administration, that's why you're speaker of the house, that's why barack obama is president of the united states. stop blaming the bush administration. when you hear that, why do you
7:06 am
hear this critique. >> i haven't heard that. >> you think -- >> when do you feel that runs out. >> it runs out when the problems go away. and here's what the president inherited. he inherited a deficit when this president inherited from the current administration four budgets that were either in surplus or in balance and he turned it into a massive deficit. we talked -- he brought us to the brink of financial crisis, brought us to the brink of deep recession. >> you know, there you have it. on the sunday shows as if president bush left yesterday, he's blaming. does president bush have to go back or someone go back would you inherit it? >> we could. but i think the american people by now -- it's gone from being, okay, we get it, you're blaming them to being ridiculous to now just being offensive. i think they look so small. i think about those leaders. they know that is not true. they know there are answers to
7:07 am
every single one of those things and chose not to talk about them. >> yeah. >> if one of those reporters that had the guts to say name one, name one regulatory piece that was repeeled during the bush administration that led to this and that. instead they don't ask about their role in the housing crisis or banking crisis. i'm pretty sure there are a lot of democrats suggesting we drill for our own resources here in america because we have a national security and national economic security situation when it comes to our oil resources. it's just ridiculous. >> dana, also there's been at least 30,000 different wells drilled over the last 50 years in the gulf. there's never been any accidents because one happens is george bush's fault. >> right. that's why it sounds so ridiculous. i think if it was children, children fighting on the backseat of a road trip, the parents would say shut up or we're going to kick you out of the car. >> no kiddin'.
7:08 am
apparently the president told politico that this whole disaster has echos of 9/11. and there were -- there's one guy who lost his son who's a firefighter. he said to compare an environmental accident, if that's what you call it, to a premeditated terror attack is ridiculous. politicians have no sense of reality. yet speaking of reality, while this is going on in the gulf, what's the president of the united states doing yesterday? spend four hours golfing. your boss stopped going to the golf course because he thought it was the wrong image in eye time of war. >> 2003 president bush stopped playing golf. comparisons that the obama administration is dealing with now when they have their president spending more time on -- as karl rove said more time on the golf course than the gulf coast, that they have a serious problem. i wonder does anybody say to him, hey, this might not be the best idea today. maybe we could go bowling where we'll be inside or something
7:09 am
like that. but i feel like for the families of the victims of 9/11, that comparison rings hollow and i hope they cut that out of his speech. >> we know that the white house they're watching "fox news" and we've been talking for weeks about perception being one of the most important things in a presidency. something that you would know so much about. not that somebody shouldn't have time, especially the president, to go and spend four hours relaxing but right now it's all about perception. and could it be that "the new york times" has even picked up on that now, dana? because the editorial sunday, seems in a way -- even though it still blames your boss, president bush, that it could be turning on obama as well, they're calling for more leadership from him? >> i think it shows just how fed up they are. and i also think about what hayley barber said on "fox news" sunday last week when he told chris wallace, he said when your enemy is in the process of destroying itself, you don't have to do anything at all. for me the reason "the new york times" finally for the first
7:10 am
time after years of coverage, be able to push back. i do think that the administration had to have a wake-up call which is why they're having this oval office address on tuesday. curious to me they decided not to do it down with the people of the gulf coast. i think he will continue to look detached and condescending when he's in the oval office. but it is the most prestigious place to give the speech. >> going to the gulf two-day trip. we'll be watching and i look forward to your review. dana, thanks so much. >> okay. bye-bye. >> ten minutes before the top of the hour. we have seen the designs for the freedom tower but what it going on behind the scenes is absolutely startling. one of the financial bidders bank rolled by powerful arab corporate interests. this is the first time you've heard about it? we're gonna talk about that next. >> and hotel in america promoting itself as a place for moms from other countries to give birth so their kids can be u.s. citizens.
7:11 am
is that legal? more of that right when we come back. it's rollback time here at walmart...
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♪ welcome back. the twin towers at the world trade center stood as a stunning example of american exceptionalism and national pride. the government owner of the trade center site is considering whether to accept a partnership bid to operate and own the iconic one world trade center from an american company with rich and powerful arab investors. "fox news" legal analyst peter johnson jr. is ready to analyze this startling development. >> the american people like to have a say in american landmarks. witness new york city the empire state building snubbed mother theresa. the world trade center yesterday and tomorrow is a touch stone of our past pain and our future
7:15 am
pride. all americans are invested in how a new american icon rises from the ashes where 2752 lives were stolen. but as we approach the 9th anniversary of september 11th, the world trade center has been delayed by wrenching political disagreement, legal roadblocks and cost overruns. in fact, witness the controversy over building a mosque on the site of the infamous sneak attack by al-queda terrorists. the government owner of the site, the port authority of new york and new jersey, facing a depressed real estate market is now speaking a private partner to partially own and fully operate one world trade center. one of the final bidders in that confidential if not secret bidding process is a company call the related companies which may be the most prominent privately held real estate company in the united states. but just as important, the
7:16 am
related companies also happens to be a company which is substantially bank rolled by the most powerful arab corporate interests in the world. these arab companies have invested or loaned what may be billions of dollars to the company and its international projects. these partners include companies holy owned by the abu dhabi government of the united arab emirates and chaired by the chairman of abu dhabi. and the corporation apparently owned about i the saudi arabian royal family. each of these companies are also rich sources of coinvestments, capital allowing related in its own words to "take advantage of virtually any opportunity regarding of size or scale." the ties are so close between
7:17 am
the arab and finance community that related has formed a joint venture based in abu dhabi one of the largest arab equity asset managers and that's called gulf related. the uae and saudi arabia each recognize taliban control of afghanistan before the 9/11 attacks. we also know that 9/11 al-queda terrorists trained in afghanistan. and we know that 15 of the september 11th terrorists came from saudi arabia and two from the uae. 11 of the hijackers traveled through dubai and the u.s. and half the money paid to the hijackers were funneled through dubai banks. a mountain of algas stations with regard to pre-9/11 saudi arabia, financial support of al-queda. they are now aligned as an american partner on the war on terrorism. this month the port authority will select its partner on the
7:18 am
1776 foot tower originally dubbed the freedom tower, one world trade center. the future ownership of this public trust in the hands of political appointees of the governors of new jersey and new york. for anyone who suffered a loss, the news may be dizzying. we knows ours say forgiving nation and we know we have a well-deserved place in the global economy. who should own and operate this hallowed ground. our pride too deep? is our principle too strong to even consider what may yet become the cruellest irony yet of one of the most infamous days in our national history. we welcome as americans arab partnership, but we ask this morning: at the world trade center? >> peter johnson, jr. >> good job reporting that.
7:19 am
>> not heard any of that stuff until just now. peter, thank you. e-mail us right now. what do you think of peter's comments. we'll share some a little later on. meanwhile, straight ahead. a preschooler sets the world record for pushups and it's in the thousands. you've got to see it to believe it. next the son of evel knievel is here with minimum meant tows from his father's daredevil days like his classics blue and white suit. kellie knievel live next on "fox and friends" on this flag day monday. pores force [ male announcer ] everyone deserves to be safe.
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7:23 am
the airline has cancelled flights through wednesday. 2%, that's how many people will be diagnosed from cancer from ct scans. 151,000, that's how many pickup trucks were bought in the u.s. a jump from 2009 and shows the economy getting back on track. brian, let's head outside and see what you're up to. >> all right. thank you very much. i appreciate that, gretchen. he's the legendary daredevil who captured the world's attention with his heart-stopping motorcycle jumps. talking about evel knievel. sadly he passed away in 2007 but now the harley-davidson museum is celebrating his life with a special expedition called mementos from his exciting career. we're joined by his oldest son
7:24 am
who's never looked better. thanks so much for bringing your dad's stuff down here. kellie in the break was showing some of his scars. he thought i'd rather talk about my dad, a little safer. what have you brought with us. >> that's the famous toy from the '70s and reproduction of the sky cycle that went into the canyon. >> went straight up and sadly went straight down. didn't the parachute come out early? >> yeah, out earl. >> this shows how famous evel knievel was. that's what he was. that's how big he was in the '70s and '80s. >> absolutely. >> okay. now, over here is new york city. tell us what -- >> my dad jumped in 1975 at the madison square garden. they shut down he think bowery street. he was doing wheelies up and down the street there. >> not only did he have to sell -- does he have to make the jump, he has to sell the event,
7:25 am
am i right? >> yep. here he is in england. this is actually the 35th anniversary of a gnashup that he did in wimbley stadium where he broke his back and hip and made it back to the microphone and got back up for which he's famous for. the harley-davidson museum, it's called true evel. the life of evel knievel. >> what made him do this. did you ever talk to him and say, dad, why are you risks your life every day? >> my dad did it because he was one hell of a character. >> and this is him by the way getting ready to get into the -- >> sky cycle. shoot out over the snake river canyon. >> did he ever talk to you about what was going through his mind at this moment? >> he said he said a little prayer and said, well, i can't give 'em their money back, i gotta go.
7:26 am
(laughter) >> that's true! i remember howard cosell talked to him right before it. there's his famous suit. >> this is the suit he wore when he went over the snake river canyon. right here. >> looks okay. it got a little wet. and these two? >> these are some modern evolution of the bike that my dad used to ride when he was jumping. he jumped on an sr-750 and that's an sr-1200 down there. >> right. >> all these things will be on display july 10th through september 6th at the harley-davidson museum in milwaukee, wisconsin. it's a great place to bring the family. >> the 4th of july make your plans to check it out in milwaukee, wisconsin. kellie knievel, thank you so much. thank you for sharing your members of your dad. >> go back inside and we'll find out what else is coming up. >> brian, thank you very much. that is so cool. meanwhile straight ahead president obama heads to the gulf for a fourth time for today
7:27 am
but is it a little too late? the americans closely affected by the spill about what they want the president to do next and to tell them. and hotel in america promoting itself for a place for moms from other countries to give birth so their kids can be u.s. citizens. is that legal? we're gonna talk about that. then the tony's. almost like the oscars last night. so what does broadway and tv star kristen chenwits think about hollywood taking over the great white way? she joins us live on this flag day. she's coming up next. ♪ ♪ haha, here already? i got another 300 miles in me. sure you do, honey. come on guys, give me a hand. we can make it to paper clip mounin! looks like somebody needs a comfort inn. hi, reservation for the carter family? ahh yes. your room is ready. [ female announcer ] free high-speed internet... relaxing pool... cozy beds and free breakfast with hot waffles. need to relax after a long day of vacion? comfort inn. now stay two times
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call for details. see your local chevy dealer. >> thank you, thank you so much. i have so many people i wanna thank! i made a list so i wouldn't forget anyone. my parents. so supportive of my career -- >> what are you doing? >> i'm reading my thank you speech. >> but you didn't win anything. you're here to present best featured actor in a miracle. >> i'm sorry, sean, i didn't hear anything after you said i didn't win anything. >> you didn't win an award. >> that's unusual for me. (laughter) >> oh, she is so talented! in the movies, on tv shows and now on stage. and she will be here, kristen
7:32 am
chenwits. bright and bushy tailed. >> i know that for sure because i just touched her. >> i just touched her, too. you realize our next-door neighbor won a big award at the tonies. >> howard stern. >> denzel washington. he works next-door to our building. >> that will be a big break. i think movie roles will be coming in his direction. headlines. three months but finally iraq's new parliament is meeting today for the first time since national elections held in march. but agreement on a new government and president could be months away and that is trouble. the meeting comes a day after serious violence rocked baghdad. get this, insurgents stormed iraq's central bank during an apparent robbery attempt leaving 26 dead. insurgents trying to take advantage of the political deadlock. you think so? >> meanwhile four and a half hours from right now, new york lawmakers are expected to vote on another emergency bill to avoid a new york state government shutdown. if approved, the measure will keep the government going for at least another week.
7:33 am
new york's budget is 75 days late forcing the legislature to approve weekly extenders to pay employees and cover costs as well. good job, albany. >> the union representing the u.s. border patrol is slamming the mexican government for making "baseless accusations" against one of their agents who shot and killed a 15-year-old illegal immigrant. you're looking at cellphone video from that incident. border patrol agents say they were forced to defend themselves after they were attacked at the u.s.-mexico border by several people armed with rocks. >> the theme song for one new york hotel. yep. the marmara -- did you stay there? it had this offering for new mothers that wish to give birth in the u.s. with the bonus of the newborn child gaining u.s. citizenship. can you believe they're advertising this?
7:34 am
something that exploits the 14th amendment that states all children born in america are legal citizens. like governor bill richardson. his mom put him on the train. offers the one-bedroom suite for over $5,000 for one month with airport transfer, baby cradle and a gift set. 50 this have these packages have been sold so far. >> no way! >> i never say no way when you're reading. >> you want to be born in the u.s. >> are the babies born at the hotel or can they actually go to a hospital? >> i don't know. >> and more importantly, does it include valet parking? continental breakfast? >> lakers and celtics, pivotal game five. the final game of the series in boston. win or lose. come to play, kobe bryant. he had 38 points. the problem is the rest of his team was throttled. paul pierce and rondo at 18
7:35 am
including this huge basket late on his back. he ends up. final score 92-86. believe it or not boston who played bad down the stretch is one win way from winning the nba championship and two games to do it. brian mcnamee has told federal investigators that the pitcher's nonprofit organization paid for performance-enhancing drugs. mcnamee claims the payments came from roger clemens' foundation in 2001 but clemens' lawyer says he's lying, this brian mcnamee. the sy young award winner. the investigation of possible perjury charges. mcnamee has not come up with any paperwork to back up his claim. and that's it. meanwhile the indian preschooler who has set -- an indian preschooler has set a world record for doing push-ups. watch this. he's four and completed 1500 pushups in 40 minutes.
7:36 am
>> is he hitting his snooze? >> no. but getting closer to his chest than most 15 years old. his parents have been criticized for his tough workouts but he's under the assumption of supervision of his trainers and doctors. bret baier will be joining us. and dick mars in the final hour. nine to noon that show. gretch. >> on day one understood how massive this could be and mobilized the greatest response to an environmental disaster in the history of this country. >> 56 days now after the explosion on the deep water horizon oil rig, president obama will now make his fourth trip to the gulf coast today. this time he's going to make stops in alabama, mississippi and florida. what do americans most affected by this crisis want to see and
7:37 am
hear from the president? joining me now three people affected by the gulf oil crisis, chris tom san, ceo of visit florida, florida's official tourism and marketing cooperation. george lemieux whose state economy is affected by the disaster and chris jones. chris's brother gordon tragically lost his wife when the exemployees happened on april 20th and he left behind a wife and two children. >> good morning. >> chris, we're so sorry for the loss of your brother. the president coming back to the gulf region for the fourth time today and a prime time speech tomorrow for all america. what do you hope to hear from the president? >> to be honest i heard everything i needed to hear last thursday. i had no expectations with regard to the government's response. we were given the opportunity to tell him exactly what we wanna see happen. last thursday and we felt comfortable with what he told us. >> you do feel comfortable with
7:38 am
it? >> he gave us support. and our agenda was very specific. although i'm a lifelong louisiana resident, i understand what this impact has on the livelihoods of a lot of people. hits a little more to the point with us with regard to the future of my family and my sister-in-law. the deaths which are most important to us at least right now. he pledged his support to look at making changes to make it fair. >> senator lemieux, i know a lot of people in florida were critical of the president originally because he had not paid a visit to that state and the impact was coming ashore very quickly. what do you want to hear from him when he does in fact visit your state later on today? >> i'm going to be with him tomorrow morning in pensacola and i'm hoping he's going to give us a plan, show us some leadership. we have huge plumes of oil discovered off pensacola.
7:39 am
one two miles wide and 40 miles long. we don't want to see that oil coming ashore. i've been calling as many others have to bring every skimmer available from around the country. we know there's about 200 skimmers now. i can't understand why every skimmer in america let alone the world isn't making its way to the gulf of mexico to try to make this oil from coming ashore. >> senator, whose fault is that? why is that ahappening? why is it not happening? >> gretchen, a great question. b.p. is the responsible party, they have to pay. but the united states government, the federal government is in charge and they need to be and need to lead in this example. we need to have all those skimmers coming here and the president needs to order them to come or allen or whomever. i'm going to ask that question tomorrow. >> mr. thompson, you're in charge of visit florida, at least the marketing arm of tourism which could be the next huge wave of the effect of this major spill. down on the georgian beach the last couple days, all i could
7:40 am
think about was feeling sorry for you in your position. what are you going to do about tourism? >> yeah, gretchen. we're real concerned about everything that's going on there in the gulf. we have 80 million visitors a year that visit florida. and they spend $60 billion. so we're real concerned and hope that the president would bring all the resources that he has available to him and that he could make available so that we could protect these pristine beaches that are one of the main reasons why all these people come to florida each year. >> but, mr. thompson, who are you going to blame when people do not come os to florida, b.p. or the government or both? >> i think it's a situation that needs to be taken care of immediately and hope we can do that in an expeditious way. >> i want to ask how the family
7:41 am
of your brother is doing now. not that we've font the 11 men who died that day but do you want answers and does his family want answers about exactly why this happened? >> well, you know, i've received a lot of information as to my family what happened. i have a pretty good understanding what occurred. as an attorney i know that the answers we want as to what exactly happened is not going to come out for many years. it's going to involve a lot of court battles and that's unfortunate. but those answers aren't going to bring my brother back. right now really focusing on the future and what needs to happen in order to make things at least, you know, as easy as possible. >> all right. the panel's gonna stick around with us because they're going to talk about this next topic. is the administration innorring cleanup. what the president needs to say in his first oval office speech. but first the tony's looked more
7:42 am
like the oscars last night. what does kristen think about that? she's a movie star, a broadway star, all those things and she's here live. first the question of the day, this day in 1969, this woman the last tennis player to win all four grand slam tournaments in one year. who is she? be the first to e-mail us and we'll send you a big huge prize. ♪ i'll be with you darling, soon. ♪ i'll be with you when the stars start falling.♪
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we're back now with our guests being personally affected
7:46 am
by the gulf oil spill. we have chris thompson. he is ceo of visit florida. george lemieux, a florida senator and chris jones who lost his brother when that rig exploded two months ago. let me start with you, senator. you said you're going to meet with the president tomorrow. you say you're going to be asking for more equipment. by the last count, 400 skimming vessels, 500 barges, 25 government and contract vessels and 56 aircraft. have you seen the effects of that in your state? >> we're seeing some skimmers, gretchen but i was there the end of last week and when we heard about this new oil spill, the new plume off the coast of pensacola. we were looking for the skimmers, we understood were on their way. you have the number 400, i have the number just over 200 and that might be just what's off florida. but there's thousands of skimmers in the united states and around the world. why aren't they headed to the
7:47 am
gulf of mexico. it doesn't make sense. we've heard this jones act which is a sea act that has a prejudice against foreign flag ships and crews might be keeping skimers out of our gulf of mexico. that doesn't make any sense to me. i sure hope that's not the case and i look forward to addressing that with the president tomorrow. >> mr. thompson, you're in charge with tourism in the state of florida. i'm sure you have to go through a lot of paperwork, right? but does it frustrate you when you hear that paperwork may be the tie-up for cleaning up this oil spill? for example, it appears that paperwork was the problem when britain offered some help of chemical dispersants. >> certainly anything that has -- is delaying the cleanup work off the coast of florida is of concern to us. we have 825 miles of beaches in the state of florida, 221 miles of those up in northwest florida. so i don't know we can say we've done enough until the oil
7:48 am
has -- is capped. the oil well is capped in the gulf. and we can protect this very valuable asset that we have in the state of florida. >> let's listen now if we can to the president when he was showing his frustration last week. do we have that? >> i don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar. we talk to these folks because they essentially have the best answers so i know who's (bleep) to kick. >> chris jones, you lost your brother in this accident. when you heard the president get angry like that and show your emotion, what was your reaction. >> to be honest, i didn't see it. i heard the quote. i wanna see things happen just as much as everybody else. it's -- a lot of the finger pointing that i'm hearing about is in my opinion unproductive. but, you know, i want to see things happen and happen as quickly as they can so that hopefully some of these folks on the coast can get back on with
7:49 am
their lives. >> i think so many people agree with you. chris thompson, senator george lemieux and chris jones. thanks for your time this morning. we'll keep our eyes available and watch the president today as he goes back to the gulf. >> thank you. >> next hour, karl rove, former senior advisor to president bush going to weigh in on what president obama needs to say on his national address about the oil spill. and kristen, made a splash at the awards. but she had this kiss! where is it. >> i wanted to say break a leg. she -- sean, she tells us -- kiss right there. yoo-hoo! holy cow, get a rom, kristen. on this date in 1954, president eisenhower signs the bill putting the words under god into the pledge of allegiance.
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the answer to the aflac question of the day, steffi graf. the winner, sandy in arizona. meanwhile the 64th annual tony awards brought singing and dancing to radio city music hall. best play went to red which won six tony's. memphis and then came hollywood. scarlet johansson won. denzel washington, our neighbor here at "fox news" channel beat out the competition for leading actor in the play fences.
7:54 am
>> i knew i should have written something down. doi doing. my mother said man gets the award, god get the reward. i guess i got both. >> oh, my lord. how did cinderella do it in this dress, running downstairs in glass slipperings. but i really do feel like cinderella. being welcomed into this community has been an absolute dream come true for me. ever since i was a little girl, i wanted to be on broadway. and here i am. unbelievable! thank you so much. >> and she works right next to us as well. and then there was a steamny kiss by our good friend christian chenowits. started with a little peck. >> what was going on in your mind. did you know you were televised. not a lot was going on.
7:55 am
whoa! >> he can kiss. >> he can? >> yes! "fox news" alert! >> i was on the airplane watching you coming back from vacation and my daughter was watching with me. i'm like here's son and dance and christian. and you launch into that kiss. i was like she really likes that guy. >> you did really great last night. >> thank you. sean, my co-star and katie winning the tony for best featured actress in a musical. a lot of talk about hollywood and people winning and not being nominated and all this stuff. the thing is we're all actors. doesn't matter film, i won an emmy this year. i don't wanna go into another community and not be accepted. i'm an actor. if someone's deserving of it and certainly scarlet johansson and denzel, great!
7:56 am
>> you're an actor by profession but when you were born, your parents told you you were are don'ted. >> what! (laughter) >> shut it down! >> had no one told you before. >> are you kidding! my long blond hair and shortness and their tall brunettes. >> it was on the card. >> oh, wow! this is really thrilling. >> you are a big -- pictures from your childhood, you're a big supporter of the adoption process. >> i am. because i have been blessed with great parents. and they gave me such a great life. and i'm getting to do something kind of cool over the father's day weekend. >> what are you doing? >> wendy's, frosties rule! frostties rule! wendy's is donating 50 cents off every frosty towards the foundation for adoption. we're trying to get kids out of
7:57 am
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( gasps ) what's in your wallet? wait up! >> gretchen: good monday morning. june 14, 2010. thank you for sharing your time with us today. president obama heading back to the gulf to prepare a prime time speech. he says he's taking charge, but first he did a different kind of golf. that kind, with the clubs. does that accept the right message? we'll ask karl rove. >> steve: allegations of racism have surrounded the tea party. however, the guest you're about to meet says that he couldn't be farther from the truth. he is running for congress. he practices judaism and is being backed by the tea party as well. he joins us very shortly. >> brian: all right. he's been cracking you up for decades in his dry way, appearing in everything from anchor man to late night tv. fred willard puts our movie knowledge to the test. >> steve: does he know he's not wearing pants? >> brian: i'm not sure.
8:01 am
"fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: fred willard is a classic and apparently he's got three questions for us about movie trivia and he'll try to stump us and you as well, so sit back in your seat and stand by for fred. >> gretchen: that won't be tough for me. you guys will beat me hands down. anyway, let's do a couple headlines because we have to tell you about the search. it will resume any minute for the one person still missing following that devastating flash flood in arkansas camp ground. 19 people were killed, including six children. this man describes how he saved his mother. >> when i grabbed her and i told her what was fix to go happen, i said, mom, you got to trust me, i'm not going to let you go. i was pray to go god i wouldn't let her go because two or three times i thought i would lose her. >> gretchen: we'll go live to langley, arkansas. fox news alert, new video from
8:02 am
the central asian country of kerr sick stan where ethic clashes spiraled out of control. 1500 hurt in the clashes constituent minorities and natives. some reports say the death toll is actually well over 200 already. at least 100,000 uzbicks are at border crossings trying to flee. right now joran van der sloot jailed in peru. he's charged with the murder of 21-year-old stephanie flores. a new report claims that while he was in custody in chile, he initially told police it wasn't him. it was a robber who beat her to death. he also allegedly told agents a day before, the two had been extorted by a pair of police officers who demanded $4,000 and a wrist watch he bought in thailand. sad news from virginia. country singer and sausage tycoon jimmy dean has died. >> ♪
8:03 am
♪ a louisiana to the promised land, big john ♪ ♪ here we go now, big john, big john. >> gretchen: his biggest hit, "big bad john "topped the charts in 1961. at the same time, dean started the jimmy dean meat company, which made his famous sausage. he later sold that company to sara lee. he died at his home near richmond, 81 years old. those are your headlines today. >> brian: let's tell you the latest about the bp oil disaster. first, the president of the united states announced yesterday i'm going there for two days. i'll see the states involved and find out what's happening firsthand. it will be his fourth time in the region. >> steve: also, then tomorrow night he'll report live to the people of the united states from his first ever speech from the oval office. here is bad news that he may mention and that is the fact that oil has now been sighted on the shore of alabama. it's not just impacting the people in louisiana and florida, but alabama in a big way.
8:04 am
>> gretchen: and also bp now deploying these undersea sensors. apparently they're going to be able to detect exactly how much oil is continuing to flood into the ocean on a daily basis. i'm glad they're doing those sensors, but i hope they're also working on how to continue to cap the whole thing instead of just telling us how much is actually getting out. >> brian: right. 4 minutes after the top of the hour. with more on the president's trip to the area, what bp is doing and more, we have craig with us live. first, let's check in with wendell goler who is at the white house. >> reporter: brian, the president's fourth trip to the gulf since the spill will take him outside of louisiana for the first time, stopping first in gulfport, mississippi, and then on to alabama where the oil has come ashore on the barrier islands. the president will take a ferry ride. it will be the first time he's gotten offshore. he's planned to go out on the water on his last trip, but weather kept him from doing that.
8:05 am
bp is under orders to come up with a more aggressive plan for containing the oil and capping the spill. admiral alan says the government ordered that when officials discovered the oil was spilling about twice as fast as it originally thought. >> we were concerned because if you look at the flow rate numbers and the amount of oil that will be potentially out there at risk, we wanted them to give us a faster plan with greater redundancy and reliability as we move forward this is the kind of thing the president is likely to see in alabama where governor reilly said he'll ask mr. obama for more leadership. reilly says right now, a lot of different officials have veto power and he doesn't think he can deal with the spill that way. the president will overnight in pensacola and then when he gets to washington, he will address the nation on what he has seen and what he plans. it's the first address to the nation from the oval office. then on wednesday, the president will meet with bp officials, including the chairman of the board, and ceo. tony hayward, who has become the
8:06 am
much hated face of this oil spill. aides here say the president will order bp to create a multi-billion-dollar compensation fund to help people and companies that have been hurt by the spill and he will tell them he wants it administered by an independent panel because white house officials don't think bp has been paying claims as fast as it can and should. guy, back to you. >> steve: wendell goler, where somebody is running a circular saw behind him at the white house. now we continue our team coverage with craig bosswell down in p pensacola. how are things down there today? >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, check this out. let's show you a little bit of pensacola beach. the sun has been up for an hour. people are trickling out onto the beach. but normally this time of year, this beach would be packed. they had tar balls that did wash up ashore here last week. most of those have been cleaned up. they've had volunteers come along, bp and the coast guard hired roughly 6,000 people just along probably about 150-mile
8:07 am
stretch of beach here. so they have gotten a lot of this cleaned off right off of this particular area. however, about 25 to 30 miles west of where we are right now, large clumps of crude are washing up ashore. certainly in orange beach, alabama, where president obama will be visiting later today. he'll be in alabama and get an eye full and certainly a nose full 'cause you can certainly smell the crude oil as some of that is mixed with the dispersant. to the east of here over in panama city beach, we had that huge containment tank, about 500-pound containment tank that did have oil in it, did have bp stickers on it. they believe that's part of the deep water horizon rig that washed up ashore. that was a surprise there. they are laying the shore line boom trying to keep the oil from washing ashore. again, 40,000-barrel has day continue to gush off into the gulf of mexico. keeping it ashore, keeping it from coming ashore is one of the issues they have to deal with here, across florida, alabama,
8:08 am
mississippi and back into louisiana. back to you guys. >> steve: craig with a live report, thank you very much. the president is going down there. if you added up -- he's helicoptered in a couple of times for a photo op. you add up the times he's been along the gulf versus the amount of time he has actually gone golfing, golfing probably wins. he was at it again yesterday. >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. well, we've talked a lot about the perception of all of this on this show and a lot of people have said, look, the president is doing everything that he can to make sure that we clean up this whole disaster that's going on down there. well then if that's the case, ask it may be, why would you go out for four or five hours on an afternoon and let the cameras capture you playing golf? everyone needs to relax, especially the high stressed job of being president of the united states. but right now it's all about perception. and those images may not be the best to be out there. >> brian: these are file. i don't think we have any cameras. >> steve: he was at andrews playing just before a thunder
8:09 am
boomer. >> brian: he was out there with ray lahood f. you're going to golf, but one thing i always heard is you got to golf because you can meet so many whiteing people. you go golfing to somebody who knows how to fix an oil leak so maybe between the 7th and 8th hole, can we go ahead and go over different ways to cap the well? >> steve: so that's what you spend your time doing? >> brian: there is a ball washer on every hole. >> gretchen: i'm not sure he's going to be playing golf with tony hayward, the guy who runs bp. >> steve: he should. >> gretchen: maybe that would be good. but it's just -- it's the picture -- >> brian: he's not getting any help from the staff. >> steve: the optics have been troubling and that's probably why they didn't allow cameras yesterday at that event. we'll talk to karl rovely shortly about the president's trouble. he'll be with us in 20 minutes. by the way, it's bad for the president because the gray lady, the "new york times," turned
8:10 am
against him, in an editorial, you'll hear all about that. >> gretchen: one other quick note. since yesterday was sunday, some people may be asking whether or not a good picture coming out for the president would have been him coming out of a church. and not that going to church in one day will solve the oil leak, but it could put out a better perception that that's something that's on his mind. >> steve: i don't think he's picked a church yet. >> gretchen: he goes to camp david. >> steve: all right. so anyway, e-mail us about that. over the weekend. >> we got the very good news that abbey sunderland, the girl who had tried to sail around the world in that sailboat, she was lost at sea for a while. and then apparently they were able to find her at the cost of i think $300,000 to the australian government. the family says they don't have that kind of money. they can not reimburse the
8:11 am
country of australia. now we're learning -- that headline right there, we're learning more about what the dad had in store for not only abbey, but her entire family. >> brian: just give you a background, the son did this, pulled this off at the same age. so they're going to send the daughter to do it. it turns out that she was ill prepared. this has been a calamity of mistakes. didn't have enough supplies, it had to stop two or three times and evidently she was ill prepared and ill trained to make this voyage. it was an accident waiting to happen. >> gretchen: the headline this morning is that the dad had already sold the rights to a reality tv show about his family and three or four months ago, he signed this deal and the cameras were in his house and then he sends his 16-year-old daughter out on this odyssey. do you think that this is another example of, for example, the balloon boy family? remember when we followed that whole situation? that father went to prison
8:12 am
because he wanted to keep his wife from being deported from this country. >> brian: that was a hoax. this was real. >> gretchen: some people might think this is a little hoax when you sell your own children for fame. no wonder they don't have the $300,000 to pay it back because they needed the show because they needed the money. >> steve: with the balloon boy, the boy was never in the balloon. there she was in the indian ocean. our question of the day, are the sundrelands exploiting or encouraging their friends. >> brian: the french boat, the guy fell into water and almost died. straight ahead, the tea party has been called a lot of negative things of late, including racists. one member says that's not true and he should know. he practices judaism and is being backed by the tea party in his run for congress next. >> gretchen: you know him from anchorman and dozens of other funny movies. fred willard is here live to test our movie knowledge.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> steve: the allegations of racism that has surrounded the tea party for many months. our next guest running for congress is a practicing jew and is backed by the tea party and he says that couldn't be farther from the truth. joining us from the city of chicago is illinois congressional candidate joel pollack. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: i just alluded to the fact that many times in the main stream media, what they try to do is try to -- has been analyzed by others, marginalize the tea party by saying, you know, we've gone to the rallies and those people are racist and holding up crazy signs and lunatics. you know the tea party people. is that true? >> not at all. tea party people i've met have been from all walks of life, brought together by a shared
8:17 am
love of the constitution and a shared concern for the out of control spending and the overreach of government in america today. also a shared desire to change it. >> steve: joel, you wrote, as you know, an editorial for the "wall street journal" and here is the first line: what's an orthodox jew doing with the tea party? how do you answer that question? >> doing the same thing all of my neighbors and colleagues and new friends are doing, which is showing up to demonstrate our opposition to big government and our firm belief that freedom is the best way to go. we did actually have an extremist at a rally in chicago last month, but it wasn't a tea party rally. it was democratic fund-raiser. we had helen thomas raising money for my opponent. the entire slate of federal candidates for the democratic party were there. but we don't hear people saying, hey, the democrats are a bunch of extremist, yet they had helen thomas at their fund-raiser. if you want to find extremist, you can just go into a democrat okay party rally. >> steve: why is it, do you
8:18 am
think, that the media is portraying the tea party people in that way? >> i think it's precisely to marginalize the criticism, that's resonating with americans from all walks of life. people who are tired of representatives who think their job is to represent washington to the people rather than representing the people in washington. >> steve: and so for people in the main stream media who say these people in the tea party, they don't like the president because he's african-american, that's not the case. it's that they don't like his spending policies. isn't that more accurate? >> this thank is more accurate. it's interesting to here the strategists shift their tone. whenever they think a tea party candidate might pose something to the republican, they think the tea party is great. but when they're opposing democrat, they're the opposite. >> steve: he's run not guilty illinois. we thank you for joining us on this monday.
8:19 am
>> thank you. >> steve: he is supported by the tea party. president obama heading to the gulf coast today and preparing for his first oval office speech. karl rove weighs in on what barak obama needs to say to the american people. that's coming up. then he's been making us laugh for decades, appearing in everything from anchorman to youth and revolt. actor fred willard is reading the paper in the green room right now. he's fascinated by what he's reading and he'll join us live very shortly. right, fred? just keep nodding.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
>> brian: from stage to screen and television, actor fred willard is a familiar and welcoming face who always puts a unique spin on the countless characters he's played.
8:23 am
watch for yourself. >> watch out for women drivers. this must be the little soldier. >> darling, you old dog. >> brian: fred has a book coming out, and he joins us this morning with a wonderful outfit and a great career. >> thank you for noticing that and i -- the talk on the street, three things, the tonies still the buzz. the fact that youth and revolt is coming out. and the yankees. they're back in first place. that's great. still early in the season. et cetera, et cetera. >> gretchen: will we're talking about the new book you have coming out about movie trivia. so you decided to test our knowledge. in the spirit of full disclosure, i won't know anything. >> having some fun. the good thing about this, it's just a book. you don't need a cardboard game, you don't need dice. >> steve: thank goodness. >> all right. which movie classic did james
8:24 am
cagney spark a grapefruit into his leading lady's face? i won't -- >> gretchen: wait a minute. we have to guess. >> steve: the public enemy, roaring 20s. >> scar face. >> gretchen: i'm going to see the roaring 20s. >> it's public enemy. the interesting thing, you not only guess, but there is a little trivia. do you remember the scene? it's an iconic scene. it turns out on the set, it was just a prank. the director did it to make the crew laugh. but they kept it in the movie. >> steve: they were just ad libbing. and i try to watch to see if she flinches. so it was like -- >> gretchen: oh, my god. she must have been so upset. >> it gave her fame forever. >> brian: read the question. >> what is the name of the high school in 1978 movie, "grease."
8:25 am
>> rydell. >> but why? >> brian: because they were out of names? >> exactly. named for body rydell. >> gretchen: number 3? >> who won an oscar for playing an oscar winner? >> brian: robert downey junior. >> it was cate blanchett. who did larry parks play, who was famous singer? al jolson. i think we got help from the studio audience. please, don't shout out the answers. >> brian: that's all we ask. >> steve: as we look -- during the summer time, owes indicationally there is a passing shower, why should they
8:26 am
watch youth and revolt? >> i understand michael sarah, a charming kid, and i'm told it will do very well. it's about a dysfunctional kid living in a dysfunctional family. i play a friend of the family, the kind that saves the day. i'm kind of a social rebel. you should see, i end up naked in a cab of a truck. >> brian: i think we have some of that footage. >> please, no cueing from the back. you will not see that, please! >> gretchen: it's always great to have you on the show. >> so nice to be here on this day after the tonies. >> steve: and also check out his book "fred willard's magnificent manufacturey trivia" that's come how long in a couple of weeks. you can order it right now on amazon. >> it's really a fun game. >> brian: we had fun.
8:27 am
next time we're going to play dice. >> and a big board with hotels. >> brian: that's been done. we'd rather do your game. >> thank you very much. get the book and you can cheat and read ahead and look smart with your friends. >> gretchen: i would so do that. we're going to talk about other hollywood stars. >> steve: over here action. >> kevin costner is in the line - up, he's trying to help stop the gulf oil spill disasser and he spoke about it moments ago. >> steve: fred, we thank you very much. job well done. >> gretchen: karl rove here live with what president obama needs to say in tomorrow's prime time address. >> brian: and she's the tea party candidate trying to take down senator harry reid. what sharron angle has to say about that exclusively on "fox & friends."
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>> steve: welcome back. you're looking for a new way to keep in touch with what's happening in the fox news channel? we've just created a web site,
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especially for you, all of our fox fans. check out where you can comment on all the stories in the news. find out what's coming up and track all of our reporters. in fact, screen write, i was looking at this the other day while i was out, and i noticed that it automatically says, we'll post all of the twitters from the correspondents and from the shows and stuff like that. so i tried one out and i did a little twitter. i just made myself a hot to doe. it popped up within one second. from our black berries directly to that screen. >> gretchen: when you twitter throughout the show, they'll all be up there? >> steve: uh-huh. >> gretchen: wow, got to keep them clean. >> brian: karl rove -- >> gretchen: nobody even got that. >> brian: but karl rove always twitters about us. he has so many followers, so you twitter for him. i took my followers and gave it to the rove camp. >> steve: one of the things we're asking you about today, the little girl who was lost at
8:33 am
sea until she was picked up by that french ship, are her parents exploiting the kids for money because apparently the dad signed them up for a reality show. >> gretchen: here is what you thought. the first one, it's none of our business, even if they do want to do a tv show, it's the parents' decision. 100 years ago, 16-year-olds were getting married and 'tilling land. the important thing is that was 100 years ago. >> brian: if you married at 16, you better 'til some land. you got to make some living. hey, good for abbey, says jean in massachusetts. certainly you don't expect coddled kids to rise up to be the leaders of the future. the balloon incident, hoax. this young woman is accomplished and spectacular. >> steve: ann says, she's been exploited. the parents endangered her life. the different situation, she would be taken away from them
8:34 am
due to abuse and neglect. >> brian: people are forgetting that other people almost died saving her. >> steve: that's right. >> brian: that all happens on somebody else's dime. >> steve: was she actually prepared enough? she's only been doing it for a couple of years. >> brian: i was more prepared. >> steve: the indian ocean in wintertime is very, very dangerous. >> gretchen: let's start now with your headlines. the administration officials say bp has now presented a plan to the white house to contain more than 50,000-barrels a day of oil gushing into the gulf by the end of june. this as actor kevin costner has a plan of his own sending more than $20 million of his own money to develop an oil separator to help in the clean-up. costner spoke about this moments ago. >> i'm not a spokesman for anybody, but the eco system that can't speak for itself, the fishermen who can't speak for themselves, they're wondering where an answer is. i'm not on a white horse. i'm not the savior to this
8:35 am
thing, but i'm kind of saying, i've got a life preserver. >> gretchen: bp currently testing his machine. he was inspired to work on the device after making the film "water world." >> brian: the discovery of nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in afghanistan could potentially make the war torn country one of the most important mining centers in the world. our world. the deposits include iron, copper and gold reportedly large enough to all the country's economy and the world. very little mining has taken place because of the situation and people keep shooting. >> steve: nevada senate candidate, sharron angle giving her first tv interview since winning the republican primary exclusively to the program you're watching, "fox & friends." angle will be taking on senate majority leader harry reid come november and says his record gives her plenty of ammunition. >> the problem is harry reid, he's had 24 hours to do
8:36 am
something for americans and he hasn't done it. in fact, he has pretty much water boarded our economy for the last year and a half with high unemployment. we have 14% unemployment. we have the highest rate of foreclosures and also the highest bankruptcy rate. >> steve: meanwhile, the latest rasmussen poll has angle leading reid 50 to 39%. harry can't like that. >> gretchen: search crews are out in arkansas as they look for the one person still missing after the flash flood in a camp ground that left 19 people dead. joining us from outside the albert pike recreation area in langly area is elizabeth prann. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. no one has been found alive since friday. but officials say they're not giving up the search efforts. we have evidence of that just as the sun came up over the hills this morning. we saw rescue and volunteers and search crews come through this command post as they head towards the camp.
8:37 am
they're going to be using means possible to find that one remaining victim who they know for a fact was in that camp ground when the water hit early friday morning. it's the fourth day of searching. very hot and challenging. they're adding canine units, as well as beefing up dive teams now that the water level has dropped. it's a little clearer and they can get out and search through the river as well as these debris piles we've been talking about. they're up to 30 feet high. we know the last victim was recovered from a debris pile. they'll be taking heavy machinery inside and breaking up the big piles of debris. we know 18 of the 19 victims have been identified. many of them camping from neighboring states. we also know that at least seven of the victims were children. one of them being two years old. the family members going to the camp site for the first time yesterday bringing out a lot of the memorabilia from their families who obviously deceased. we saw families bringing out bags of blankets, baby blankets, bags, as well as pillows. obviously a very heart wrenching scene.
8:38 am
gretchen. >> gretchen: all right. elizabeth prann, thanks for that update in the south. >> brian: president obama will address the nation tomorrow night. what does he need to say? joining us, a guy that would know, former senior advisor to president george w bush, karl rove. welcome back. >> great to be back. >> brian: if you start with an outline, what should be in the outline for this president? >> more important than the outline is what is he dealing with here? what are the realities? the reality is that people think he's been too long in coming to this and the federal government has yet to lay out a plan. he's got to start by dealing with those two things. what has he actually been doing? can he convince the american people he's been engaged? and what is exactly the plan of the federal government to deal with this? he is starting very, very late. this is 56 days into it. even today the federal government has no plan. they have asked bp to give them a plan that they'll sign off on within a very short period of time, but we've not got a
8:39 am
federal plan. the president's people have not laid out -- they've outsourced this to bp and bp has done about as well as bp could do. >> steve: you know what, people are really frustrated. but the administration's got a really good excuse and that is it's george bush's fault. here is hoyer yesterday blaming bush. >> the psychology of neglect in terms of regulatory oversight that was pursued in the bush administration which led to the banking failure, insurance prices going way up, and oil companies thinking they could do whatever they wanted because the drill baby drill crowd, all they wanted them to do was to drill. >> steve: okay. so to this administration, bp stands for bush problem. >> yeah. look, this is pathetic. hoyer knows better. i saw this in another place where he said bush clearly mismanaged the oil drilling supervision of the federal government. if this is so clear, then why
8:40 am
didn't they go in in the 18 months they did and clean it up? the decision to fast track this particular drilling platform was made by obama appointees last year. and this is an attempt to distract attention from the real problem here, which is the president. even the "new york times" said he took, quote, too long to put his vision into action and called him indecisive and said he made the problems worse. when you get the "new york times" editorializing about a democrat, you know it's a bad day. >> gretchen: when i read that, halfway through t they did spin the whole paragraph blaming president bush. >> sure, it's a knee jerk reaction on the left. >> gretchen: what do you think, having been inside the white house, and as close to the president, president bush as you were and are, what's happening right now inside the white house after that editorial comes out, as they're preparing for this big prime time speech tomorrow night, are they taking the word
8:41 am
blame out of the entire speech or is it going to be in there? >> no, i bet it is. i bet they basically say this was the responsibility of british petroleum, it was the responsibility of others that have been lax oversight. there has been improper safety practices. it will be everybody's problem except their own. that's why the president's handling this is drawing such negative marks. they have a pretty good web site on the white house with all the things they've done. i went back and looked at it. i can't find a single meeting where the president brought in people early on from inside the industry to say, look, i'm not an expert in deep sea drilling, tell me what's going on and tell me what our options are. he had an energy secretary whom he kept saying is reviewing all possible contingency room who sat there and said, why is the oil continuing to flow and an engineer had to explain, we got vents in there so the it doesn't blow the cap off? where was the energy secretary?
8:42 am
he wasn't even reading the plans that bp was developing on how they were going to cap it. they were that ignorant. there is a natural tendency in every white house to distance a president from a natural disaster. and that's just natural. in this one, they went way too far and said, let's stay uninvolved in this thing and turn it over to the coast guard which is not used to managing these kind of incidents. >> brian: he's going to pivot and work on everything he does this day forward, he'll be working towards that. i have a sense it will be continuing drill off the shore. love having you on. congratulations on all the success of your book. >> thank you. appreciate it. great to be back on with you. >> gretchen: the trial for dr. conrad murray -- do you remember that guy? he's the doctor charged in michael jackson's death. that is going to get underway today. we'll talk to a lawyer and a forensic pathologist about what to expect. >> steve: but first, today is flag day. did you know betsy ross did not
8:43 am
really create the first flag? more flag trivia coming up. you're watching "fox & friends" on your channel for news. >> brian: tell me you're lying about betsy.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
>> brian: today is flag day and it's a grand ole flag. how old? how much do you really know about our nation's most patriotic symbol? >> steve: jeff bridgeman is san expert and is the largest dealer in antique american flags in the country and joins us live. okay. let's start with some trivia so people can wow their friends. it was not betsy ross. it was frances hop kinson of new jersey? >> yes. he's credited with the design. >> brian: betsy ross did make some. >> she did. she made early flags, some of the first. but the story is a myth. proliferated by her descendants. >> brian: here is what's amazing.
8:47 am
you could put the 13 stars, you can put the stars anywhere you want in the box. >> that's correct. it wasn't until 1912 that that changed. 135 years. >> steve: let's look at some of them, on the lincoln and johnson flag, there are a couple of circles. >> this is a double wreath. this is a really rare flag from lincoln's second campaign. >> steve: speaking of lincoln, didn't he sign that one? >> yes, he did. this one here. it was actually signed by lincoln under the can'ton and the stars spell the word free. extraordinarily rare free, used for his second campaign. >> brian: where did you get it? >> this one i bought at auction. >> brian: all right. good purchase, i might add? >> yes. >> brian: pocket change? over here? >> this one, the stars spell usa. there are only four known designs where the stars actually spell something in the flag. this one was made in 1916. four different known styles. three known of this style.
8:48 am
>> steve: real quickly, jeff, up there, pound for pound, the biggest flag in the studio, what is nysm -- >> 64th new york state militia company c. this was a hard fighting group of new york state men who were at gettysburg, battle of the wilderness. this is a great flag. great star pattern, made out of stars. it's really the rolls royce of designs. >> brian: that takes the flat screen wall out of your house. >> steve: how many flags fly outside your house? >> none outside because i sort of live under ground in that sense. but i have a huge inventory, about 1500 flags. >> steve: people like more information, go to our web site. jeff, we thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, the doctor charged in michael jackson's death heads to court and doing it today. should his license to practice medicine be suspended during the trial? we'll report, you decide. >> steve: meanwhile, martha mccallum still has her
8:49 am
newscaster license. she's broadcasting at the top of the hour. >> apparently they haven't taken it away yet. thank you very much. coming up here on america's newsroom, the president gets ready to head to the gulf. he compared it over the weekend to september 11 and in some corners, that hasn't gone over too well. we'll talk a little bit about that. and $50 billion more to bail out teachers and police. wait until you hear where that money is coming from. and she set sail around the world at age 16. now we're learning what her parents may have had in mind, coming up. is
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> gretchen: conrad murray, the doctor accused in michael jackson's death, has his pretrial hearing in court today. but it's not only manslaughter charges, but he may lose his license to practice medicine. what can we expect to see in court today?
8:53 am
>> brian: joining us, fox news legal analyst and forensic pathologist. first off, what are the chances of him losing his license? >> i think there is an excellent chance. but this man was selling or prescribing drugs in a state that he was not licensed to prescribe the drugs in and whether or not the defense will be that it was suicide, that michael jackson died of an overdose suicide, but the fact is, the doctor was there, the doctor was in the home, the doctor was prescribing or at least administering the drugs. i mean, for no other reason, shouldn't this man be disbarred? >> gretchen: what more would it take for somebody to lose their medical license? >> it's a very unusual for a doctor to lose a license just because he did something wrong and he caused -- inadvertently death of a patient. that's usually settled with a malpractice suit. less than one tenth of a doctor
8:54 am
would lose a license. in that percentile, most of those, in my experiencers has been income tax evasion, sexual inappropriate behavior. not from bad medicine. and i think that in his situation, remember, jerry brown, the attorney general, asked to have his license revoked at the last hearing and the same judge made a ruling that he couldn't give out anesthetic drugs in california, but did not revoke his license and put it off for this hearing. >> he's not supposed to be doing this. but there is nothing legally to keep him from doing it. it's a problem again with doctors and lawyers, we regulate ourselves. >> gretchen: he's actually working as a physician. >> yeah. but in texas and nevada. he's never worked -- >> gretchen: who would go to him? >> he's going to have a whole bunch of supporters out there. people like notorious doctors. when you look at doctors who made mistakes, a lot of them become popular because they're
8:55 am
in the newspaper. >> brian: how long did he wait to make the phone call to call the emergency services? he called the -- >> that's all the criminal charge. that's the manslaughter charge. >> if you've got a criminal charge like this, shouldn't he at least be delicensed before -? >> he's been charged, but not -- if he's found guilty, manslaughter, then he'll lose his license. >> if you're a lawyer charged cd with something like that, you are disbarred. >> but not doctors. >> gretchen: maybe something will come out of this to change the law. >> yes. >> gretchen: fascinating discussion. thank you. >> brian: i've never seen you two argue before. i hope you make up. when we come back, you can win 50-dollar gift card to hooters. yep. fifty dollars. "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> gretchen: are you applying? >> brian: yes, now.
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>> brian: welcome back. >> steve: it's monday. >> brian: it's sports trivia time. how are you?
8:59 am
what did you bring with you? >> i brought a burger. >> brian: you can get them at hooters? >> yeah, for 5.99. >> brian: where are you from? >> from philadelphia. >> brian: how do you feel about being here? >> good. >> gretchen: you have a trivia question for our viewers. >> i do. >> gretchen: we're not going to give the answers. >> most of the world saw the u.s. national team tie england on saturday in their first world cup game. who does the united states play next? go to "fox & friends".com with the answer and a hooter's prize. >> gretchen: what's the prize? >> it's a surprise. >> brian: but there are 50-dollar gift cards. by the way, can i give a hint? it's your rules. the hint is, this country has less people than brooklyn. >> steve: really? >> brian: that's my hint. brittany is impressed. >> gretchen: he's a soccer guru so he knows all the trivia.


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